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Board games bring people of all ages together, whether they're playing at robbing a train and outwitting their fellow robbers in Colt Express, buying up Mayfair and Park Avenue in 'the game that cannot be mentioned because of trademark issues' and lording over their fellow business-players, getting married and having more children than you can fit in your car in the game of LIFE, or holding your breath while you pull the penultimate block out of JENGA, or holding back from blurting out the five words you can't say in Taboo.Extremely Hungry Hippos Eating Marbles, Moving on colorful path of Candy Land, Investigating a mystery murder on Clue, Live your fantasy of being a bank robber divvying up the loot in Cash and Guns, an investigator of the supernatural in Arkham Horror, a gem merchant in the Renaissance in the game of Splendor, or a willy, canny trader in the marketplaces of Jaipur. We have something for everyone here at Creeda.

Creeda Board Game Cafe is a meeting place for families and friends to play board games.

About Games - You can choose from a variety of games on our menu, each game is organized into a category such as light strategy games, newbie-friendly games, party games, couple-friendly games, strategy games, kids games, and classic games.

Games Rules - You need not worry about knowing the game's rules as Creeda's game gurus will be at hand to help you. We have more than 200 games for you.

Game Time - You can play some of them in less than fifteen minutes or be engrossed for several hours.

Hungry! -Don't worry. You won't be going hungry while you're here. We have an array of snacks and beverages on offer.

Creeda is the first board game cafe here for our Mumbai customers. We want to give people access to amazing and exotic games they would never otherwise encounter. No two games are the same. We want people to have a great time while experiencing something new each time they come and play.

Keep an eye on our menu page for more information about our snacks, beverages, board game list, pricing, timings etc.

For Kids

For Kids


Virtual Reality

NOW OPEN yet another vista of breakthrough entertainment for geeks and dreamers alike! In association with Realize Inc., Creeda Cafe - the quirky alternative to current cafe culture, will now offer customers another first in class experience, immersing them in the world of Virtual Reality.


About Realize


Realize Inc. is an experiential technology-based entity that aims to offer customers an emerging trend in innovative entertainment, while making it accessible to customers and fans in India.

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Cafe Timing : 12 noon to 10 pm

Address : Creeda Board Game Cafe,
Rear End, Ground Floor, New Excelsior Cinema,
Wallace Street, Fort, Mumbai 400001
Maharashtra, India